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Open Universiteit Nederland is an independant government-funded institute for distance learning at university level. A new task for the Open University Nederland is to take a leading role in the solution of the problems caused by the shortage of teachers, especially in primary and secondary education. Since mid 2000 in the Netherlands full teacher qualification can be obtained in real life training trajectories 'on the job', by means of a tri-partite contract between a teacher/trainee, the school where the teacher/trainee will be working/learning and a teacher institute. In 2003 the Ruud de Moor Centre was established to support these trajectories on the job, especially by means of ICT based distance learning and support.

PO box 2960
6401 DL Heerlen
The Netherlands

Darco Jansen
+31 (0)45 5762372

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Open Universiteit Nederland
Open Universiteit Nederland