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MMChat: 2002/05/23

Present: Daniel, Gerard, Rob, Pierre

1. Foundation
Yesterday were the interviews for the job of director for the Foundation. Two kandidates are left. The Foundation needs to create a working plan for this new director describing his tasks for the first six months.
The MMC need to make clear their expectation of the director. We will work on this next week.

2. BBQ
Daniel is organizing this. The VPRO and Foundation support the idea. Daniel will cooperate with Henk Hangyi to also set up a user meeting in combination with the barbeque.

3. Enquette
Daniel will create a proposal and send it to the mmc list.

4. MMBase internationaal
We are waiting for 1.5.1, which will be finished before the end of the month.
Rob will make a proposal for placing MMBase on the international websites.
The proposal will first be sent to the mmc list, and then for final evaluation to the developers list. Daniel has informed the Foudnation, who were supportive for the way we plan to take MMBase worldwide. (Please are not going to inform big web sites now!!! )

5. Administration
There are too many problems with the administration of the
machine. Rico has to indicate if he can spare enough time for administration, and
if he still desires to do so. Otherwise, we will send a sollicitation to the developers and annoucunce list for a new administrator, for which Rico can make the proposal.
Experience is desired with exim, majordomo, cvs, orion, apache,jdk ,knowledge of solaris, mysql, squid.
We hope to have the Foundation fund administration. Daniel will propose this.
We also want to make clear the ownership of the machine and the contract on hosting the site (i.e. ownership of the domain).

6. Design/domains
Daniel will arrange this.

7. T-shirts
Daniel will ask for prices.

8. Apps2 project
Daniel has now time again to be the project leader of the application project.

9. Media project
This project will be started. It focusses on cleaning, and streamlining the code for playing media using MMBase. Rob wil be the project leader. Other memers include Gerard, Marcel, Daniel, and Michiel.