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MMChat: 2001/05/21

Present: Rico, Gerard, Daniel, Rob

Main Topic: CVS HTML Project

1) Where are we going to put the examples?
In /MMExamples

2) How are we going to organise the /MMExamples directory?
The names of the examples will be found in the /MMExamples directory.
e.g. /MMExamples/MyYahoo.
In the directory of a specific example, there will be directories of the scripting languanges used.
e.g. /MMExamples/MyYahoo/scan
In the scan directory there will be the actual files.

note: We rather want to see TAGLIB examples than JSP examples. This because taglibs are a nicer way to show things than JSP. But every scripting language is allowed.

3) Different scripting implementations, do they have to be the same?
Yes. All examples in /MMExamples/MyYahoo/type/files have to be the same, or at least almost the same.

4) What are we going to do with the /MMDemo directory?
All things in /MMDemo will be removed, the directory /MMDemo will be deleted.

5) What are we going to do with the /list directory?
Remove it. Rob, who has created the directory said that the wizard aren't working anymore. And that it's better to rebuild them.

6) What are we going to do with the /dtd directory?
Remove it. The dtd's belong in the /mmbase/config/dtd directory, not in the html branch.

7) What are we going to do with /index.shtml
/index.shtml will be replaced to somewhere in the /MMDocs directory. This to prevent that we overwrite an existing index.shtml file.

8) What is the meaning of the directories we have now in the cvs html project?
MMAdmin is for technical people.
MMeditors is for people involved with information managing.
MMdesign is for graphical designers, this directory will be created when needed.
MMDocs is for MMBase documentation.
WEB-INF is for WEB-INF example of different webservers.

9) New editors or new admin tools, are we going to put them into /MMEditors versus /MMAdmin ?
In the same way as examples are put into the /MMExamples directories.
So the current editors have to be removed to /MMEditors/scan/files.

10) Who can make examples, how can they come into cvs, is advertising allowed.
When an example is made it has to be validated by a html validator like
Than people can vote about placing the example into cvs.
The example may contain branding/advertising but it has to be subordinate to the example.