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MMChat: 2001/07/26

Present: Rico, Rob, Daniel, Gerard

2) MMChat
3) Release

The TAGLIBS have to be part of the MMBase 1.4 distro.
If the taglibs project is not finished (see guidelines MMBase projects) than the release will be called 0.8.
If the taglib project is finished than the release number will be 1.0.
Rob will contact Jaco de Groot about this proposal and the status of the project.

2) MMChat
The MMChat will have a duration of 1 hour.

3) Release
The first Release Candidate will be called MMBase 1.4-rc1
Gerard will make a CVS branch 26 july 2001 at 16:00.
MMDevelop and MMRunner have to be generated by build.xml.
Daniel is going to prepare this for MMRunner, Gerard will fix this for MMDevelop