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MMChat: 2001/08/20

Present: Rob, Daniel, Gerard

1) Documentation (DocBook)
2) Proposal Pierre (Transaction Manager)
3) Correction in RC dates
4) Proposal for new Member

1) The central place for documentation is /mmdocs in the CVS module 'html'. All docs added for the MMBase1.4 release have to be HTML. After the release we can look to better documentation methods such as DocBook.

2) What Pierre is going to do is an approvement for MMBase. Pierre has to be careful with adding things to the release branch. He can also specify the bug instead of fixing it in the new 1.4 release. We approve the starting of a Transaction Project.

3) Gerard is going to make the RC3 release at the 27th of august instead of the 20th of august. The final release will be made at the 3th of September.

4) Rob proposed Pierre as a new MMC member. The MMC agree that Pierre is a good candidate, but they want to create good guidelines first. After the release of MMBase1.4 we want to discuss the MMC guidelines with the committers. More information about this will follow.