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MMChat: 2002/03/21

Present were:
Gerard, Rob, Daniel, Rico, Pierre.

1. Voting
Voting on the list is too chaotic. Sometimes calls are made for cases that belong under a project, and discussions often commences during voting (instead of before the vote).
Also, the proliferation of votes means quite a lot of people do not vote at all.

The MMC wants to propose that in thee future, calls are made through the MMC.
If people want to call a vote, they send it to the MMC (mmc@mmbase,org), who judges the vote. This is an administrative task. The MMC does not judge the vote on its merits (they can't refuse a vote because they disagree). They will merely judge whether new functionality offered is part of a
project (which means the vote need not be called, but should be discussed with the project leader). They will also enforce a discussion before the voting commences (which can last approximately 3 days), so the final call will not become muddied by the discussion. This means calling a vote will take approximately a week.

2. Distro
Gerard has precious little time, so there hasn't been a prerelease yet. There are still some bugs that should be fixed. The aim is to have a prerelease by Monday. If this fails, Gerard wants to step down as release manager, and we will look for someone else to complete the release.

Daniel would like to make releases based on daily builds. The problem is that you don't have a 'point' in CVS to fall back to, though you do have a snapshot of the source.
The distro project should discuss this more thoroughly.

3. Accounts
Eduard Witteveen wil get an editor account to maintain the richfield project. We will also think about other editor accounts (possibly through the bugtracker), to allow committors to upload comments, documentation, etc.
Finally, we will discuss making a CVS module available for people to commit their own personal stuff (separate from the MMBase module).