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MMChat: 2002/04/11

Present: Gerard, Pierre, Rico, Rob

0) Note
The notes of last meeting got displaced.
Most of the last meeting dealt with how to handle the foundation's use of the website. We have a preference for using subdomains(i.e. and behind a portal site (, which will allow support of other oganisations/initiatives should that be necessary.

1) Distro
Next week (april 15th) the final release of the distro 1.5 is scheduled to come out.
As there are already a numebr of significant changes, we will start making a release plan for 1.6 (what will be included).
The 1.6 release will probably be based on a nightly build.
The editwizards are not included in MMBase 1.5. They will get their own release as soon as the project is finished. That release will consist of a separate jar, including the editwizard jar, the dove, and an encoding utility lass.
The jar should be compatible with the 1.5 release.

2) News
Rob wants to spend a bit more attention to the announce list. He plans to make a message every month, giving information on the foundation, initiatives such as the taglib meeting, new releases, new sites, and new functionality such as the editwizards.
Rob will add a link to the MMBase website homepage, which will allow people to send us announcements or the urls of new MMBase supported sites.
Gerard would also like to have a regular email to the developers, to give an overview of important happenings, discussions, and cvs-updates

3) Accounts
Rico will create MMBase accounts for commitors next week (april 15th).

4) Status Projects
There is little progress in the Applications 2 project. Rob will attempt to get it started. Friday 12th there will be a
discussion on IRC regarding the project.

Kees Jongenburger showed interest to maintain the bugtracker, but has not committed himself yet. Gerard will check again.

Jacco has informed us that the Taglibs project can be set to 'finished'. We still await response concerning the state of the xml importer project.

Next monday (april 15th) will be a Transactions 2 meeting, which will
discuss a new storage/database layer for MMBase.

Pierre will send an email to the developers list to ask for suggestions for 'MMCI 2'.
Once we have a list of desired features we may start a MMCI 2 project.

5) Rules
Daniel still needs to send a proposal to the list to diminish voting and give more responsibility to approved projects.
Pierre wil send the rules to Rob, who will put them online.