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MMChat: 2002/04/18

Present: Gerard van Enk, Rico Jansen, Daniel Ockeloen, Pierre van Rooden, Rob vermeulen

There are a number of problems with the current MMBase setup on the site. Rob plans to install a newer version fo orion, and the MMBase 1,5 release once it is out.
Hopefully this will solve the problems.

Rico made accounts for the MMBase committors, so tehy can now use cvs using ssh.

We have to look for a designer to help create a new look for the site. A number of designers will meet at the upcomign taglib meeting (april 23).

2) bugtracker
Kees Jongenburhg ha sindicated he will attempt to maintain the bugtracker in his free time.

3) Applications 2
The project code will initially be checked in in the cvs playground (module 'speeltuin').
Rob will lead the project until Daniel has more time again (in may).

4) MMCI 1.1
Pierre will start the MMCI 1.1 project.
This will be the '1.1' version. It will lay a foundation (define the interface) for the core api (type MMCI 2), but implementation will for the moment be limited to the bridge. A fast 'core' implementation (a
direct map on the MMObject lasses with no security) may follow later.

5) Developers meeting
Daniel will set up a new meeting. Proposed date is may 30.

6) Distro project
The download page of will be adapted to show a link to the latest build.
If possible, the mmrunner for 1.5 will be replaced with a war file.

7) Foundation
We have not received any news from the foundation. Daniel will ask Martijn Verve for more info. Rob will ask questions on the foundation mail list.