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MMChat: 2002/05/02

Almost done, will come out this week. Support for Jetty and Tomcat 4.1 will appear in MMBase 1.6 Gerard and Rob will put the distro online. Rob will adapt the download page to separate it in three columns:
source, binaries, and nightly nuild.
MMRunner will disappear. After the release the distro project team will meet again to discuss how to deal with upcoming releases.

No new info. Rob will send another request for information on progress.

Daniel will create four subdomains at applications, design, development, and foundation. 'Design' will contain Henk Hangyi's idea for the template forge. Estimate is they will be within a week. We have to find a developer to work with henk and a designer to build the template forge. Will be done by users mail for the moment.

Pierre will create an MMCI2 project page

Next meeting will be wednesday 8 may.