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MMChat: 2002/05/30

Present: Rob, Pierre, Gerard, Rico (partly)

1. MMBase internationaal
Rob will write a new (more technical) proposal to post to the international java development sites. The 1.5.1 release wil be finished once we receive the latest
(cache-related) bugfix. If the release is put online (possibly next week) we will start sending out the emails.

2. Beheer
Rico indicates he does not have enough time to maintain We will send an enquery for an administrator to the developers list. If needed we can split the administration tasks (i.e. mail and cvs).
And possibly separate web-administrators for the design, foundation, and development subdomains. Rico will write the enquery.

3. Database project
This project will deal with the Restructuring of the database layer.
Goal is to better isolate the database-dependent code, but also create a
structure which will allow people to use advanced database technologies should they choose to (i.e. full text search).
Rob van Maris is project leader.

4. Various
Daniel is not present, which means a number of items form previous chats could not be handled.