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MMChat: 2002/05/20

Present: Daniel, Gerard, Pierre, Rico, Rob

1 Foundation
No further information.
We still expect that an MMEvent will be organized in september.

Daniel will send inquiries to see if enough people can attend a BBQ in the beginning of july (otherwise it will become august).
The BBQ will be combined with a user and developer meeting. More info forthcoming.

3 MMBase poll
We plan to include a link to an online poll in the 1.5.1. distribution.
Work in progress (Daniel will build the poll, Gerard will include the link)

4 MMBase 1.5.1
A patch for the cache bug has been posted.
A 1.5.1 test version should be ready end of this week (23/6/2002), so people can test whether the bug is solved. If the patch is wel received, the final version will be put online around 30/6/2002.

5 international release
Will proceed after 1.5.1 has been released.
We will make a list of websites were we want to post a link to

6 Logos at
Rob is going to update the logos/ organisations at to reflect the current supporting companies. The new list will include EO, Finalist, Framfab, Gem. Amsterdam, Ilse, MMatch, Nos, Sun, Utwente, VPRO, and Xs4all, and more.

7 Administration
Daniel found someone who is willing to administrate the machine.
We may divide adminsitration in seperate tasks. Rico will coordinate the new adminstrator(s).