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MMChat: 2002/05/27

Present: Rob, Gerard, Pierre

1 Events
There will be a users/designers meeting on the 4th of july, but without the planned barbeque. A MMBAse barbeque will be held no sooner than august. Rob will ask whether the foundation is planning an MMEvent2.

2 MMBase poll
Rob will create a questionaire (enquete) at Data in the questionaire include: Web site url, MMBase version, OS type, Server type and JDK version. Gerard will include it in the 1.5.1 release

3 MMBase 1.5.1
Will come out end of this week (18-6-2002)

4 international release
We'll go 'public' with an international after the initial reactions on the 1.5.1 release. Next week we will compile a list of sites to contact. We will ask the Foundation to write a dutch press announcement.

SCAN will continue to be supported in 1.5 and 1.6. In 1 .5, only the war-version of the install will not contain SCAN (in which case you have to add it manually if you use the war to install MMBase). We will have to discuss if in the 1.6 release SCAN will be set off by default.

6 Administration
Rico didn't provide us with information about this.

7 Application project
There is not happening much in this project.
If Daniel has no time, we will need to find a projectleader that can pull the project.
In that case, we will set the project on inactive.

We need to set deadlines when discussing activities in a MMC meeting. Certain things now just don't happen, which reflects badly on the MMC.