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MMChat: 2002/07/11

Present: Rob, Daniel, Pierre, Rico, Gerard

1 Events
Jeroen Elfferink is working on an MMEvent on 12 september. We are also still planning a barbeque. A sugegstion is to have this following the MMEvent.

2 MMBase poll
Rob made the poll, and Gerard put a link in the distribution.

3 international release
We have collected a few sites that have our interest:
Daniel also has an address of an opensource contact group. He has proposed to contact these sites to get them interested personally
before we mail them.

We are having an internal mmc discusstion about mmc problems. Most MMC people are to occupied with practical problems (caused by the delay of the foundation). This causes that things in the MMBase community start to look chaotic. The MMC needs time to redefine its purpose, and the methods of working.

5 Documentation project
We didn't have time to handle this topic. This topic will be handled by email.