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MMChat: 2002/07/18

Present: Gerard, Rob, Pierre, Daniel, Rico

1) Monthly project updates

The project leaders are requested to send a project update (3/5 lines) before each end of the month. This enables the MMC to monitor the projects better, and the MMC can easily update the community with information about the projects. The MMC will discuss the status of the projects the first MMChat of each month. Rob will post an overview to the announce/developers mailinglist.

2) Project maintainer

The MMC has been brainstorming about the possibility that a project leader can maintain hacks that 'belong' to that project, even when the project is closed. This enables little feature changes to be incorporated in the project without restarting the project.

3) SMALL versus LARGE hacks.

It's clear we need to make it easer to add small changes if no project backing is available but make it harder for big hacks, a split is needed is the consensus next meeting we will review a first draft.

4) MMBase foundation document.

The MMC members will read the MMBase foundation documentation. Comments are send to Rob. He will communicate this with the foundation.

6) MMBase international

Daniel will contact some of the smaller j2ee/serverside/cms website on if they are open for some mmbase exposure.