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MMChat: 2002/09/05

Present were: Daniel, Rob, Pierre, Rico

1) MMEvent
Gerard van Enk, Daniel Ockeloen, Rob Vermeulen, Michiel Meeuwissen, and Pierre van Rooden will be speakers (mostly in the 'technology' track).
Each talk will be approcimately 15 minutes (with 5 minutes for questions).
Internet access is probably not available, most presentations will be made in powerpoint. Event main language is dutch.
The tech track will be videotaped to be shown on the MMEvent web site.

2) Maintenance
After the face to face meeting (see below) we will determine next steps.

3) Going international
No progress yet. Daniel will report more next week.

4) MMBase 1.5.2
Has not yet been released.
Next week we will discuss whether to release 1.5.2. or push through to 1.6 (and possibly set up a release plan)

5) MMC
MMC will meet for a more in-depth (face-to-face) meeting. During this we evaluate our tasks and goals for the future. Date to be set through email.