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MMChat: 2002/09/25

Present were: Daniel, Rob, Pierre, Gerard

The MMC feels that the domain belongs best with the mmbase group.
They wil advise the foundation to contact alternet to discuss the possession of the domain name.
We also feel the foundation should properly register these domain names, to avoid future problems.
Some attention may also be warranted to MMBase as a 'brand' name.

2) info mail
Mail to should be forwarded to
To enable this, first the email addresses need to work (currently they don't) Rico should change this.

3) java 1.3
Pierre will send a vote to the devlist to move MMBase 1.6 to java 1.3.
This means support for java 1.2 will be dropped after MMBase verison 1.6

4) bugtracker
The bugtracker (now in jsp) seems to be working again - the last bugs will probably be fixed in oktober.
Daniel will indicate the state of the bugtracker, and communicate this to the community.

5) MMC wishes for foundation
MMC will make a wish list for the foundation, which we will sent to Jo Delahey.
We also need to set up a meeting with Jo (preferably in oktober)

6) Going international
No news. Daniel will contact the international java sites after 1 oktober.
We expect the foundation will eventually arrange for international marketing.

7) MMBase 1.5.2
Gerard will post a releaseplan for 1.5.2, including a few bugs that still need fixing.
In the meantime we will also start working on the 1.6 release plan (a draft is ready)