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MMChat: 2002/10/31

Present were: Daniel, Rico, Pierre, Gerard

1)MMBase Release 1.6
The freeze has gone in on 30/10/2002.
Releaseteam consists of Gerard van Enk (relese manager), Daniel Ockeloen, Michiel Meeuwissen, and Pierre van Rooden.
The team will have a meeting on 7/11/2002 to discuss the form of the distro and distribution of tasks.

2) Ex committers
We are concidering to resign Arjen de Vries, Case Roole, Dirk-Jan Hoekstra and Olivier Van Acker as committer from MMBase.
While they have made considerable contributions, they are no longer active in the community.
Since we wish to be fair to them and to the MMBase users, we will ask them to resign, so they will no longer be approached for changes they have no responsibility for.