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MMChat: 2002/12/05

Gerard, Rico, Pierre, Rob

1) distro
The Release Candidate 3 will be planned for 12th december (the day of the devmeeting).
The main reason for the RC3 is to check the release notes. The actual release is planned for 19th of december.
Most bugs are now fixed.
A number of obscure bugs (Resin taglib problems and querying inheritend
builders) will be fixed in a 1.6.1 patch release.

2) MMBase site
We are discussing how the 'portal' site at mmabseorg should look like.
We want to keep it small, and redirect people as quickly as possible to the correct subsite .
Things we want to inlude on the portal page are the MMbase logo, the
latest news, release info, documentation links, and a description of the underlaying
three sites. Rob will ask the foundatino to start a workgroup with a designer/developer/manager to discuss the three subportals (design, development, foundation portal).

3) Style project
Pierre is working on a different gui interface for the admin pages, which more closely match the documentation tyle.
This will not be included to the 1.6 release but be added to CVS Head for evaluation.
This may result in a tyle project to better the tyles of the various html pages generated with MMBase.