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MMChat: 2003/03/06

Present were: Gerard, Pierre, Rob, Daniel

1) developers meeting.
The meeting will be held 17 march at Finalist (Amsterdam). Daniel will send an summarise to the developers list. It is not known how many people will attend.

2) MMBase portal
No news yet. A meetings will be scheduled somewhere next week (7-14 march).

3) MMBase 1.6.2
Gerard wants to wait for the cvs changes next friday 7 march) before creating a new release. The new patch is planned to be released friday 14 march.

4) Roadmap Project
Daniel is interested to lead a project to create a roadmap for MMBase.
The roadmap will determine the long-term plans for MMBase development.

5) MMBase application layers document
Gerard is working on a document describing how to work with new software for MMBase.
The document describes several layers, varying from core software to 3rd
party tools. He expects it to be finsihed soon.