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MMChat: 2003/04/03

Present were: Gerard, Pierre, Rob, Daniel, Rico.

1) votes
People feel that there are too many votes going on. Most committers have no time to react on all votes. We are therefor looking for a way to limit the need of voting, and to
provide better rules for when it is needed.

One suggestion is to craete 'maintainer groups', which maintain certain parts of the code. This code but supported by a project group. The project leader can decide whether small changes (which are now often proposed as hacks) that fall in that area, can be added. This means thats small changes can be added quickly. larger changes can
be discussed by the maintenance group.
Changes that are too large or that affect more groups may lead to a vote. In those cases, the period for voting will likely need to be lengthened (so the 3-day window will be enlarged), and pre-vote discussion will be
mandatory. Voting may then also be made mandatory.

Maintenance groups that we might concider are core, storage, application, media, bridge, security and templates. The idea will be posted to the developer list for discussion.

2) bugnummmers in cvs
Pierre will send a mail to the developer list requesting committers to provide more sensible messages when committiong changes (and not just bugnumbers).