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MMChat: 2003/07/10

Present were: Rob, Pierre, Daniel, Rico.
Absent: Gerard (vacation)

1) Mailinglist rules
We want to create a welcome message for the mailinglist that explains the rules of conduct.
A message with some basic rules have been sent earlier this week. Rob will see what needs to be configured in major domo to sent a welcome message, and look for a draft (possibly generic) text that can be sent.

2) Meeting Foundation and MMC
We are trying to set a meeting with the Foundation.
The foundation has been operative now for 16 months and we want an evaluation of its activities. We also want information about current/future plans.
Proposed dates are 25th july, 28th july, 1st august.

3) Projects
General: we need more documentation and communication concerning projects and their progress. We should continue the monthly project update mail.

Multilanguage: project has not started yet, nor is data available. Rob will ask Nico to kick off the project.

Applications 2: Daniel will set his documents on line and update the apps2 project page, and will set up a new meeting.

Cleaning: the goals for the project need be re-evaluated, as it is now used as an excuse to make major updates in the core. Rico will set new goals and planning. Project is frozen until further notice. Planned changes in code are suspended, though updates in code conventions, javadocs, and tagging of code can proceed. This will be notified by Rico on the devlist.

Editwizards: documentation needs more work. Most coding seems to have settled down, though a few issues remain.

Storage: the first meeting has taken place, and a new draft for a Storage interface has been set up

Richtext: We have asked Michiel Meeuwissen to arrange with eduard Witteveen to take over the leadership of the project, so that it can continue.

4 machine
We are currently using a Sun machine hosted by Xs4all, but this is not a formal agreement. Daniel will formalise this and will ensure that supporing companies get the acknowledgement they deserve.

5 Releases
Gerard is on vacation, so no news on release for this week. We hope to see a releaseplan when he comes back.