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MMChat: 2003/09/04

Present: Daniel, Gerard, Pierre, Rico, Rob

1) patents
We have set up a protest page regarding to the upcoming European Patent law. We will keep the page up to 22 september, which is the date when Europe will decide on the law.
Daniel (mmc) and the foundation are going to rally people against this law, which will otherwise have a major negative impact on open source products.

2) MMC/Foundation
The foundation made a document in regard to the relation between the Foundation and the Developers community. We have some doubts about this document. Rob will communicate these doubts and questions in regard to the intentions back to the foundation.

3) Registration MMBase code
The foundation wants to register the MMBase source code at the Tax agency in effort to ensure that MMBase code is safeguarded against future claims (such as patents).
While this seems a good plan, we need to know how this impacts on copyrights (which we do not wish to relinquish to the foundation).

4) Announce message 'Kennisnet'
The foundation has an announcement about Kennisnet. Rob will sent this message to the mailing list.

5) MMWeekend
The MMWeekend (to set up the developers portal of will be held the 20-21 of september. Currently the team exists of approximately 12 people. Plans are already being made how to create the site during that weekend.

6) Distro project meeting
Daniel will set up a distro project meeting around 15 september. This will discuss CVS setup, how to include applications and documentation in the (1.7) MMBase distro, and a discussion on naming.

7) project status
We made another overview of current projects and their status. A quick breakdown results in the following:

MUltilanguage: will be closed (nothing forthcoming)
Storage : in test phase
Query : in test phase
Taglib/MMCI : now implementing Query functionality
Transactions : obsolete, will be closed.
Editwizards: finished
Richtext: frozen
Distro: open, meeting this month
Cleaning: frozen till MMBase 1.8