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MMChat: 2004/05/13

Pierre van Rooden
Rico Jansen
Rob Vermeulen
Rob van Maris (minutes)


1) Foundation issues
2) Releaseplan 1.8, releaseplan 1.7.1
3) Developers meeting evaluation
4) Actions previous meeting

1) Foundation issues
Relations with the foundation were discussed. Next meeting with Jo Lahaye is scheduled.

2) Releaseplan 1.8, releaseplan 1.7.1
Michiel Meeuwissen has stepped in as releasemanager for 1.7 patch releases, temporarily replacing Gerard van Enk. Rob vM will check if things have been transferred correctly.
While we aim at patch updates at a reasonable frequency, the releasemanager is responsable for planning these releases.

Pierre has written a first draft for the releaseplan 1.8. It was sent to the dev mailinglist, and has been discussed there and at the recent dev meeting. Based on the response, Pierre will update the plan and send it around for further review.
Regarding the items listed int the releaseplan under Improvements: these will each become project proposals - in search of a projectleader and participants.
These projects will include a preliminary inception phase, investigating the paths available to implement the desired functionality. As a result feasability, impact and potential risks can be judged, based on which a project is given the go-ahead or cancelled.

3) Developers meeting evaluation
We're not satisfied with the course of events surrounding last dev meeting. In particular the decision to cancel it resulted in a display of miscommunication and organizational chaos.
Lessons learned for next time:

Kennisnet says they're happy to host our next meeting. We'll respond to their invitation for next meeting.

4) Actions previous meeting