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MMChat: 2004/06/17

Present were:
Rico Jansen
Rob Vermeulen
Gerard van Enk
Rob van Maris
Pierre van Rooden

1) New mailing list
2) update Hardware
3) object web
4) Release 1.7.1 / 1.8
5) Documents

1) New mailing list
We are going to create a new mailing list This list is meant for project leaders, project managers, organisation that are using MMBase and want to discuss/start projects. For organisations to announce news in regard to MMBase, to discuss things such as how to donate software to MMBase.

2) Hardware
We are still waiting for some hardware parts to be delivered.

3) Object web
The foundation is collaborating with Object web. We are not sure what the intentions are, and we want the foundation to inform the MMC before starting collaborations with ObjectWeb or other organisations. In the end the foundation only is not MMBase.

4) Release 1.7.1 / 1.8
Gerard is going to talk with Michiel about creating a MMBase 1.7.1 release
Pierre is going to review the release notes for MMBase 1.8, and he will make it final.

5) Documents
Gerard is going to review the Application document that he has been writing some time ago.
Rob & Rob are going to write a document about how the community should deal with internal / external software.
Pierre is going to write a technical Vision document.