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MMChat: 2004/07/15

MMC Meeting 15-7-2004

present: Rico Jansen, Gerard van Enk, Pierre van Rooden, Rob Vermeulen, Rob van Maris (minutes)

1) Field Types project
2) Hosting issues
3) Communication issues
4) Status of documents
5) Other

1 - Field Types project
The projectmanager (PM) of the Field Types project, Michiel Meeuwissen, has requested CVS access for the project. In order to get CVS access a clear projectproposal has to be delivered.
There was some discussion about what exactly constitutes a projectproposal. Rob vM will create a short list of guidelines to set a standard for our policy.

2 - Hosting issues
The new hardware has arrived. Rico will create a migrationplan. Shortterm focus will be on migration, upgrading options will be considered after that.
Daniel has found someone who can assist in migrating the system, Rico will contact him.

3 - Communication issues
Despite doubts raised by Jo Lahaye, we keep to our plan of launching a community mailinglist (scheduled for september).

4 - Status of documents

5 - Other

  1. Release 1.7.1: Gerard will release a candidate next week.