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MMChat: 2004/10/21

MMC Meeting 21-10-2004

present: Rico Jansen, Pierre van Rooden,Rob van Maris (minutes)

1) New servers
2) Release 1.8
3) Developers meeting november 4th.
4) MAG MMBase
5) Roles & tasks of Foundation vs. MMC.

1 - New servers
Basic installation is completed on both machines. In the coming weeks the appications will have to be migrated to the new platform.
Pierre will contact first8 about adminstrating the webserver.

2 - Release 1.8
Step 1 and 2 of the optimalization project are more or less finished. Preparation for step 3 is underway. A performance subproject has started to accomodate the steps later on dealing with performance tests/benchamarks.

The feasability of releasing 1.8 before the end of this year is uncertain, especially given the need for thorough testing.

What is the current status of the Functions framework, what needs to be done? Ask the developers (RobvM).

These projects need to be finished/closed before the release:

3 - Developers meeting november 4th.
A programme has been made. Invitation will be sent (RobvM).

4 - MAG MMBase.
The name "MAG MMBase" is confusing, and not aceptable. Something more neutral like "MAG for MMBase" would be. Jo will be contacted to take action (RobvM).

5) Roles & tasks of Foundation vs. MMC.
Jo has suggested to discuss the partition of roles and tasks between MMC and Foundation. First opportinity for this will be the upcoming MMC/Foundation meeting at october 28th.