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MMChat: 2006/06/17

Present were:

André van Toly
Daniel Ockeloen
Johannes Verelst
Michiel Meeuwissen
Nico Klasens
Pierre van Rooden
Henk Hangyi

We discussed the active projects.

CMS Container (Nico)
• Nico gave a presentation on the portlets standard JSR-168, which will be implemented in the CMS Container. We discussed the pres and cons of the standard.
• In the next meeting JSR-170 will be presented (Nico). A first evaluation shows that MMBase has already much in common with this standard.

Components (Johannes & André)
• A new date for the project meeting has to be scheduled. Aim of the meeting is to discuss and agree upon the project plan.
• We decided to have Components as the focal point for 1.9 release.

Datatypes (Michiel)
• Plans for the projects are to add javascript validation to the data-types. In this way checks which are now carried out server side, can be done client side in the future. In the long run it might be possible to use the approach to implement a next version of the editwizards.

Cleaning (Pierre)
• The present MMBase version contains about 6000 warnings. About 100 of them are on deprecated code. The idea is to use this as study material for new MMBase developers. A proposal for a coaching project will be written (Henk).
• Next to that the JDBC module of the database layer needs to be cleaned (Pierre).
• The MMBase system has to be reviewed to see if all parts still suit the aim for which they were originally introduced. An example of this is the bridge, which now contains more functionality than only being an interface for plugging in the different templating languages. In the last releases some initiatives were already carried out to improve the way the code is structured. A day will be organized to specify further improvements on the structure of MMBase, and place them in the bigger picture of future plans for MMBase. Once this is settled some changes which will make MMBase easier to understand can be implemented soon. A document will be written to clarify the issues which are candidates for improvement (Nico).

New projects
• Performance project is seen as a good candidate for a new project for the 1.10 release. As a first step towards this, benchmarks will be implemented in the 1.9 release.

Next meeting: a new date will be proposed (Henk)